Asset Protection and Repossession




(Of Aviation and Marine Assets)

Impounded or confiscated leased assets lead to severe financial losses, as well as possible asset decay and destruction. The legality of such impounding or confiscation is usually questionable or non-existent, but it is based on the power of the locals and local judicial and police corruption, augmented by vague or conflicting laws and regulations. It takes considerable effort to recover the assets, with frequent write-off as losses, due to decay stemming from improper technical storage, damage or theft.

Our group has the capabilities to undertake the task to protect endangered assets in the whole spectrum of required services, such as:

- Contract preparation and implementation and Risk Mitigation consulting

Certain terms, when included in the leasing contract, can greatly contribute towards reduction of the involved risks, as, for example, when it comes to technical records ownership, retainment and dissemination. The proper design and preparation of the leasing process, the integration of the risk mitigation terms in the final contract and their full and systematic implementation are of utmost importance to the safety of the leased assets. Furthermore, possible markers and indications of upcoming trouble in the leasing activities must be analyzed, identified and continuously monitored, in order to take preemptive action before predicted problems materialize and escalate.

Our company has the expertise to develop and implement customized robust procedures towards this goal, such as preventive enhancement of the leasing agreement, leased property delivery preparation and implementation, property value asset collection and retainment and contractual term compliance monitoring.

- Preventive Recovery Operations support

When financial evidence or intelligence indicates that an asset lessee is approaching bankruptcy and the assets might get impounded or confiscated by creditors, it is prudent to recover the leased assets before the legal mess stemming from bankruptcy, stop-payment or bankruptcy protection commences. Such a Preventive Recovery Team will never be welcome, and has to overcome multiple hurdles while facing a hostile environment. Our group provides the necessary protection and Tactical Kinetic Operators to support the Lessee / Ownership Team towards the speedy and successful recovery of the assets. Our Operators include former Navy Seals, SAS, Air Force and other elite Special Operations personnel that can escort the client’s legal team and / or provide the tactical expertise to secure the asset and recover critical logs and other documents needed to complete the legal process.

- Legal Team augmentation, protection and support

A legal team dispatched at the location where the asset is being held and working towards its recovery frequently faces intimidation, threats or harassment. Our group provides the security specialists needed as support to counter all the above forms of intimidation and aggression.

- Technical Team access to the assets, protection and support

Similarly to the legal teams, technical teams dispatched to ensure the assets’ continuous maintenance and worthiness (whether airworthiness, or seaworthiness) frequently face arbitrary denial of access, or a spectrum of intimidation, harassment or threat actions. Our group has the ability to provide the necessary resources to counter and neutralize any efforts to avert or block technical and maintenance team access to the impounded assets.

- Impounded Asset Protection

Guard and protection of impounded assets is most of the times minimal or non-existent. This results in frequent looting and destruction of the assets, to the degree that they become a partial or total loss. Our group has the ability to move and provide manpower at the location of the impounded assets, in order to look after them and work to “encourage” the local authorities to provide effective surveillance and protection until the legal issues are resolved and / or the assets are recovered.

- Recovery Operations Support

At times it might be possible to recover the assets through a swift operation. Our group has the ability to design and carry out the operation, plan all its details, evaluate the risks and work towards their mitigation or neutralization and provide the well trained expert personnel necessary to carry out the task, all the way to delivery of the assets to the Lessor. It is re-noted here that our operators include former Navy Seals, SAS, Air Force and other elite Special Operations personnel that can efficiently plan and carry out the mission. Our resources include Crews needed to perform the recovery but also Salvage and Towing resources for Maritime missions and large long haul freight aircraft if needed for Aviation missions.




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