Aviation is our ultimate support tool in providing a broad spectrum of services, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • V.I.P. and Corporate Transport ·

  • Industrial Transport and Development Infrastructure ·

  • Logistics Transport and Technical Support ·

  • Facilities and Infrastructure Inspections and Security ·

  • Area and National Development Infrastructure ·

  • Incident Response ·

  • Relief Operations ·

  • Evacuation Operations


There is great diversity in the needs and delivery of the Aviation services depending on the nature of the mission; the common denominator in all activities, however, is hierarchically summarized as:

-  Safety
-  Security
-  Quality
-  Efficiency
-  Integration


START-EMS provides a variety of integrated Aviation services, ranging from aircraft and equipment supply to Management guidance and support of developing airlines, through an international Team of proven specialists covering all Aviation fields. We are focused in delivering high standards, quality principled services, whether they involve normal Civil Aviation ventures, such as guidance of developing airlines through International Standards certification, or demanding special operations, such as Conflict Zone evacuation missions or aviation infrastructure security design and implementation.

Specifically for Airline Operations, a highly experienced dedicated Team provides specialized consulting services in the entire spectrum of related issues including:


  • Operational Set-up and Development

  • Management Organization, Procedures and Practices

  • Facilities Design and Organization

  • Documentation Development, Maintenance and Dissemination

  • Operations Engineering and Flight Standards Organization and Procedures

  • Safety Management System Organization and Implementation

  • Quality Assurance Organization and Procedures

  • Control Center Organization, Operation and Procedures

  • Training Organization and Implementation

  • Crisis Management Organization and Procedures

  • Ground Stations Organization and Procedures

  • Air and Ground Safety Implementation, Audits and Evaluation

  • International Standards Certification (EASA, IATA etc.)


Aviation Lead Associate

Has 32 years’ experience and 18.000 flight hours in Airlines as a Pilot in Cargo, Passenger and Test Flight and VVIP Operations, Instructor and Examiner (TRE) in different airliners, Manager in Operations Engineering, Flight Standards and Training and Specialist in Safety and Quality. Successfully held critical leading management positions in the set-up and fast development of two airlines with internationally recognized achievements and certification. Post Graduate Engineering degree (PhD) from U.S. University, with research and academic experience. Additional aircraft manufacturer’s training and certification in advanced Engineering subjects. Developed authority accepted specialized software for quality assurance in airline operations. Specialized in operational and managerial procedures development and implementation, and in international standards accreditation and certification.










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