The  START-EMS  model relies on a  three pronged  approach  that is established to  DETECT,  DETER  and  DEFEAT security threats and the related risks to our clients. Our Goal is the timely execution, integration and implementation of sustainable security solutions.

Our process begins by understanding the environment our clients operate in, assessing the threats they face, analyzing and developing intelligence sources, quantifying the risks involved and developing a security master plan that addresses, manages and mitigates these risks. We then help our clients implement this plan, providing human resources that include world class tier one operatives and by integrating the latest available technology and equipment.

The end result is an integrated and comprehensive approach that assures that maximum safety and security for our clients, a “safer world” in which to operate.




Critical Infrastructure and Maritime Solutions


Increased threats to critical infrastructure and to the maritime industry have created a need for better intelligence and information sharing, along with more sophisticated security measures, to protect such infrastructure as well as to support and protect marine assets as they transit high - risk areas of the world’s waterways.

Our solution for these sectors is the concept of the integration of up to date information, intelligence, and surveillance/detection systems that -when coupled with armed protection -or non lethal tactics and protective measures- establishes a “Virtual Protective Fence” around any facility or vessel.   START-EMS and its team of world class security operators offers a comprehensive 9 step security approach and related systems that address the threats and mitigate risks faced by the Critical Infrastructure and Maritime Communities.


Border, Immigration and   CT Solutions



Access controls, biometrics, sensors and the latest communications, radar and aerialmonitoring technologies are only part of the panoply of available resources and START-EMS brings in the latest technology and experts in each of these fields. Implementation of systems and solutions and the sustainability of those systems.  Our in-house experts have all “been there” and done it before.

Providing integrated technology and making sure
that each system “talks” and works in concert with the others around it-and that the operators and managers of these systems understand their best use-is the only way to insure sustainable solutions that work in any environment and can be implemented quickly and effectively.

START-EMS is the exclusive dealer in Balkans of two premier armored vehicle manufacturers based in the Middle East and Latin America, providing the widest ranging armored vehicles. These high quality armored vehicles are the perfect choice for a variety of customers, including military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO’s, embassies, and all organizations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.


Domestic Preparedness and Comprehensive Emergency Management (CEM)


Our internationally recognized subject matter experts in complex emergencies use an "all hazards" comprehensive approach and decades of 'hands on' leadership in the most difficult circumstances to prepare our clients for the unthinkable.  Man made disaster, hazardous material spills, complex transportation accidents, large fires, civil unrest ( with acts of terrorism), are events that we can help mitigate and plan for, respond to and recover from.  When the potential of these events is added to that of natural disasters our experience and ready access to the best resources and technology allow us to help guide and prepare you through the most complex emergencies.



Aviation Security


START-EMS looks at aviation security risk management from two major prisms.  One will be a focus on financial and soft assets, cyber security and governmental compliance.  The other will be a focus on protecting critical physical assets and developing the systems to identify and anticipate multiple, complex threats and eliminate them before they are executed. 

On the “Soft Asset” side our experts have successfully experienced the rigors of two major airline reorganizations as well as experience advising other airlines and aviation agencies; thus they understand the challenges and complexities of re-STARTing an airline security program and turning that program into a profit center rather than a drain on resources.
On the “Hard Asset” side our experts have been in the middle of asset protection and risk mitigation-including Aviation Security Risk- for some of the largest and most complex facilities and organizations in the USA as well as Internationally.



Training and Other Services


Training: Our group is a recognized leader in the design, development, and implementation of training programs across a broad spectrum of domestic and international venues.   Our teams of current and former military and police experts have real world experience and have performed trainings for the US Department of State and Justice as well as for many other governments and organizations.

Architecture and Engineering- Incorporating construction plans, ensuring interoperability, security master plans and determining future security facilities and personnel needs are just some of the measures we incorporate to improve our client's overall safety and security.





Our START-EMS Team includes some of the top companies and individuals in their fields globally.  Many other well recognized international companies and nongovernmental organizations and academic institutions have made their products and services available to us on an as needed-exclusive basis for our sector of work.




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