START-EMS Ltd. identifies and mitigates threats using  a “concentric circle model” of risk management:

  1. global intelligence solutions with geospatial and cyber analysis;  
  2. critical infrastructure, regional and corporate security risk analysis, master panning and mitigation;             
  3. operational solutions based on latest technology and human resources;
  4. tactical planning and incident response implementation;
  5. remote and emergency logistics and communications solutions.


START-EMS delivers a very high standard of service, using armed and unarmed protection methods and technology to minimize liability and risk in volatile environments, thus ensuring that its client’s assets and personnel safely reach their final destinations and achieve their goals without any disturbances or loss of any operational time.  Founded in 2008, START-EMS has completed many and only successful maritime protection missions throughout high risk regions of the world.


In addition, START-EMS has arranged evacuations and logistics in support of numerous humanitarian and corporate emergencies in remote locations, using the latest technology, communications and transportation methods, while maintaining 100% success rate.


START-EMS Logistics and Technology division is able to deliver urgently needed goods and primary services (including medical services, clean water and renewable energy solutions and state of the art communications); safely and efficiently, into hostile and high risk environments to most regions of the world. 

START-EMS is the one company to call whether preparing for future unforeseen emergencies, managing a current crisis, or needing logistics and security support in high risk and remote locations. 


Our Mission focus for each of our clients is “Providing for a Safer World” for them, their families, as well as for their companies, employees, and constituents.


Our capabilities include energy & maritime security, but they are well beyond "just Energy & Maritime armed guards"; among our services:


a.   Security Risk Management, Analysis and Planning & Crisis Management Support,--including air, sea and ground evacuations and /or emergency supply and logistics.


b.  Intelligence services, including Geospatial, Communications, Human and Cyber Intelligence that help you reduce risks by avoiding or anticipating threats.


c.    Providing Training and Security Support for top executives, family and body guards and other members of your existing security detail- including training them on Threat Identification /Situational Awareness /Evasion /Driving Techniques /Combative and on how to Survive a Kidnapping or cope with the aftermath. 


d.   Providing Physical Plant and Protection Services for critical infrastructure and for specific projects or events.


e.    Other Services:

Criminal Investigations, Vetting of Personnel, Private Yacht and Aviation Security, Hostage Negotiation, overall Corporate Security and White Collar Investigations, Security Risk Assessments, Master Planning and Implementation of your Security Master Plan (including identifying, supplying and integrating the required Technology and Equipment).


Together with our affiliates we provide these services world -wide including in Europe and Former Soviet Union countries ( through offices in Moscow, Cyprus and Greece); the USA (offices in Houston, L.A. and Washington D.C.), in Latin America (offices in Guatemala, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru), Africa and the M.E. (offices in South Sudan, Tanzania, Qatar, Nigeria, Libya and Afghanistan ), and the Far East (offices in Singapore). Superior intelligence resources developed by our operators through decades of experience working for government agencies, military services and NGOs, coupled with key diplomatic and business contacts worldwide, create a fully functioning Operations Network with top level access to government agencies, businesses and NGOs Internationally, enabling START-EMS to offer you our services seamlessly-worldwide.








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